Some Numbers

Finally, we can tell with certainty how many students are being ministered to in SEMBEC:

  • In the Azogues extension we have 2 lecturers and 22 students.
  • In Cuenca we have 6 lecturers and 27 students, of whom 9 are studying full time, 13 are part time, and 5 are taking their final subjects prior to graduation.
  • That gives us a total of 49 students, from 14 or so different churches.

While these numbers are not astronomical, we thank God for the people behind the numbers. Eight of the nine full time students are brand new, and their presence has added beautiful dynamics in the classes and the fellowship time. We also give thanks to God for the old students, since they contribute to the sense of continuity.

Pray for our students: some of them have come back to the classrooms after a long time, and they are faithful even after a long day of hard work. Finance is always an issue – provision for the basic needs of their families and for the study fees.
Pray for our staff. We know that without God’s guidance our work is vain.

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