Update from Pam in Haiti

I have been in Haiti since September, teaching various courses at the Seminary, and have now started my last month, teaching two two-week intensive courses, which I usually do each year.   The present one is Systematic Theology, and the final one will be on the Last Things.  I have a house to myself, and have been doing much of my own cooking, including baking bread (with varying success), so it has been more of a challenge than in previous years, but I have enjoyed the time very much.
After a few health problems at first, I have kept well, although I am having pain in my leg.  I had a knee replacement last year, and I think my hip will need surgery as well.  I would appreciate prayer for that, please, as well as for time and strength to keep up with the work, which is quite time-consuming.  I am also helping to improve the library.

A few students did poorly in two of my earlier courses, and they will do a re-sit test soon, so please pray that they will reach a pass standard this time.  Some of the first year class were especially weak, not knowing even basic facts about the New Testament.  This made me realise again how much our training is needed, since they have been taught so little in their churches.  My present class (second year) seem to know a lot more, and they ask some thoughtful and challenging questions.  Please also pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to enable me not just to teach facts, but also to be His channel to challenge and encourage. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers.
Pam Simpson

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