Moscow Seminary – Matryoshka

Sasha Tsutserov (Director, Moscow Seminary) writes,
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at One Mission Society UK,
Being a Russian I thought I knew everything about Matryoshka, the Russian nesting doll!  Little did I know  … students at the Moscow Seminary readily explained to me that Matryoshka:-
•    Symbolized that “in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others,”
•    Stood for “the inner, local and global church built upon each other,”
•    Represented a “graduate of the Seminary ‘pregnant’ with disciples of Christ.”

Some clever guys even protested, “Why is she a girl?  The boys-to-girls ratio at the Seminary is 5/1 !”

Beats me  … I only meant to say that your investment in the Moscow Seminary produces a whole lot more than Matryoshka does, as we train 220 ministers on your support!

To multiply the effort in reaching Russia with the Gospel (at better than Matryoshka rate):- your support is most welcome.

To donate to the students at the Moscow Seminary, please make cheques payable to `OMS’ and send to the Manchester office, quoting ‘301710 Moscow Seminary’. Donations can also be made online at

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