Pam Simpson in Haiti

Pam Simpson has been going to the Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Cap Haitien in Haiti for several years now to teach two-week courses.  She writes,

“In February this year, I was asked if I could come to Cap Haitien to teach at the Seminary for the whole Autumn semester.  I had been wanting to come for longer, and felt that this was what the Lord wanted, so I readily agreed.  I arrived here on 10th September, and spent the next two days mainly in bed, as the cold that I already had turned much worse.  However, I am fine now, except that my ears are still partly blocked, so I would appreciate prayer please as it is difficult to hear the students.  I am teaching Church History, NT Introduction, and NT Eschatology and Revelation.  The NT Introduction is a course I have not taught before, and I still need to do some preparation on that.  So far I have taught two classes, and I also hope to have time to continue to improve the library, which needs a lot more study books in French.  This is one aspect of what needs to be done for the Seminary to become accredited by the local Association of Theological Colleges.  There are talks going on about this accreditation at the moment – another matter for prayer please?

The students are great, mostly men, but a slowly increasing number of women. Many of them have difficulty in paying for their courses, but they love the Lord, and generally work hard and seek to make a difference in this country with multiple needs: great poverty, low employment, much corruption and government inefficiency, besides, of course, the widespread influence of Voodoo.  I would appreciate your prayers as I try to make a small contribution towards helping them to do this.

I expect to be here until mid-February, living in a house on my own, with occasional visitors, and enjoying the adventure of baking bread, pasteurising milk, and learning how to deal with the local foods.”

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