MFM trip to Haiti

I spent 3 months, from January to April ’15, living and working in Haiti with Men for Missions, through One Mission Society. Living in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince was comfortable for me, and the weather was exceptional, I had good food, a safe place to stay and plenty of friends to guide me around the city.
The mission is to build 35 houses, a chapel/school room and bore 3 wells on just under 3 and a half acres. The vision is then that this community will go out to share the gospel with those that were sent out to live on the barren mountains nearby.
I worked with teams from America, hand in hand with a crew of local workers hired by OMS. Every day began with a time of devotion: a song, a shared word and time of prayer, with aid by our translators. Then the work started; the Haitians were responsible for the concrete and block work, from foundations to plastering the walls. All the carpentry was left to the volunteers, the roofing, ceilings and doors, then finish the roof with metal sheets.
Being in a third world country was an eye opening experience. I saw extreme poverty, terrible living conditions and heard horror stories of their daily lives. Some of the effects of the earthquake are still visible five years on from the disaster, but not many, and it seems that it now looks as it did before.
But the greatest shock for me was the joy of the people I met, some had lost a lot, struggling through life, but persevering complaint-free, it would shrink any issue we could have in our society. Secondly, their dependency on God was inspirational, where we can pay our way through life, their first point of call is to turn to God in prayer.
Prayer Points:
Complete the mission; that the community will be built
Complete the vision; that the community shares the gospel.
Pray for the authorities in the country, despite being back to how it was before the earthquake, the country is still in a bad state because of corruption.

Watch Daniel and the team at work https:

Daniel Treharne, S.Wales

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