Danielle returns to the South Pacific

In August Danielle Flood-Coleman, from N. Ireland, returned to the South Pacific for a second year teaching at an international school.

Danielle writes, …I am still a teacher. For those of you who aren’t sure what that entails; it means I get home every day really tired.  It means I spend all day thinking about the children in my care, whether they have enough support or whether the work has seemed too easy for them. I assess how well my pupils are understanding their lessons, and change them accordingly, I decide how well they are responding to what they should know and what they don’t yet know. I am constantly changing and looking for new ideas. Teaching is never static.  Every day is different, and that is both exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. I love teaching the children in my care. I love talking one-on-one with them and with them as a class. I love hearing their love for Jesus and I love seeing their academic improvement.  Depending on the situation I am parent, doctor, counsellor, guider and sometimes, when I get time, teacher. I am their teacher as Christ has called me to be. This month has been settling into the dynamics of teaching two grades simultaneously. The challenge lies in trying to get the lessons to fit together like pieces of a puzzle so all the pupils are occupied all the time.  This also is balanced with all the other aspects of school life, so although I feel like I haven’t done very much this month, it’s just because I have put a lot if it under the heading of ‘School’.

This month we had field council which took nearly a whole weekend, we had a fusal tournament for the High School, we had a random visa check and I spent some time at immigration because, praise the Lord, my new visa is through! I had a competition with 1ST and 2nd grade which I of course won because I was the one giving out points. I discovered a new supermarket, I went to a fundraiser for an orphanage, I went water rafting with friends on a day off and came back with a significant number of bruises. I started running again. I did some sunbathing-without getting burnt, I’m getting good at that! I had teenage girls for a few nights while their parents were at a conference. I was sick for a few days but determined to still go to school where I then fell asleep on the carpet while the class were at P.E. I learnt some more language, went as a teacher on ‘leadership camp’ weekend with a select number of high schoolers and sent a happy birthday message to my sister. I got an interactive whiteboard thing in my classroom!! Yay!! I changed my flight to come home in June and my mum and sister booked their flights to come visit me in May! I discovered my helper understands when I speak the language to her because she does what I’ve tried to explain-this makes me feel like I am fluent and there is nothing I can’t say! Until the next time I talk to her and she says something I don’t understand…

This month God showed me that in my walk with him it is not in the big things where I struggle. I’m happy to move across the world for him, that is not where my problem lies. My problem lies in the small things, the daily sacrifices, the daily quiet times and the daily prayer life. That is the area that needs work. So that is what I’m looking at at the moment; trusting God with the everyday and being a little more `Mary’ and a little less `Martha’.

I have many things lined up this month. Just looking at the schedule has me saying to myself ‘One day at a time Danielle’.

Please pray for:
·         Peace, energy, endurance and strength.
·         Wisdom and patience as I work with my class
·         TEACHERS for next year. Quite a few teachers will be leaving next year and the school needs more teachers desperately.”

For a full list of teachers needed for 2015 please visit:-
or email <recruiter@omsinternational.co.uk>

If you would like to follow Danielle’s blog, visit: www.dfcinsouthpacific.blogspot.co.uk

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