A short-termer’s reflections

During my time in Mexico City earlier this year, I visited the streets with members of the MEFI team. The first day, Alex, Carmen, and I simply went to different groups to say `Hi’ to the kids. Up until this point, I had only seen the chavos (nick name for street kids) in the drop-in centre. The streets were a completely different context. It hit me powerfully, like the strong solvents that the kids were inhaling.
The kids were high, dirty, and hungry. It was hard to see and it broke my heart. Life there was a strange dream. Nothing seemed to matter, societal rules didn’t apply, and change was a foreign concept. But of course, scooping the kids out of their situation wouldn’t transform their hearts. Alex reminded us afterwards that this is why we must pray for them. The Holy Spirit is the only One who can touch them.
The second day, however, was remarkably different. Alex, Chela, and I spent the morning cooking soup and rice (There isn’t a better way to learn how to cook Mexican food than from the MEFI staff!). We packed up and brought food to two of the same groups we had seen the day before. This time, we didn’t just chat with groups, but sang praise songs and had a devotional. Oh, my friends, you have never seen such a sight! As we sang on
the side of the street, the street kids joined in. Some stood, while others knelt on the pavement. Business men walked by and shop owners stood on the other side of the street staring as a group of scruffy street kids, two older Mexicans and a white girl belted out “You are All-Powerful, You are Strong, Invincible, and there is no one like You.”
Whether or not these kids know Christ as Saviour, it was obvious that the music touched them. There was a joy and a lightness that was not in the same group the day before. As we stood there, I thought, this is who the gospel is for. This is who Christ welcomes with open arms – the broken, the empty, and the lost. How many times in the gospels did He reach out and touch those that society did not accept? I think of the Samaritan woman, Zacchaeus, the lepers, and many more. He filled them with hope, purpose, and life. Talk about a beautiful picture! That day made me so very thankful for a gospel that touches even the lowest in society. Please continue to pray for these street kids – that they would know Christ’s love and the hope He offers. Pray that they would recognize that their need for the Saviour can’t be filled or numbed by anything but by giving their lives to Him. Pray that God would encourage the MEFI team to continue to serve Him well, even when days are emotionally taxing. Praise Him for His marvelous works and perfect plans as He continues to work here in Mexico City!
Article written by Rebecca, a nursing student who spent a month with MEFI. Why not consider doing the same?

MEFI Exists to...give Mercy to the broken, bring Hope to the lost,
inspire Faith in the forgiven!  seek Integration for the forgotten

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