Come over to Macedonia and help us; Acts 16:9

The Macedonian call, received by Paul and his missionary team in Acts 16, was a landmark event in the spread of the Gospel from Asia into a new continent: Europe. Paul and his colleagues set out for Europe, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, with the events at Philippi and beyond confirming their call.  From those initial days of Christian witness, Europe became the cradle of Christianity and a centre for missionary activity.  Church history reminds us that many missionaries left Europe for the various parts of the world.  For example: William Carey – the ‘father’ of modern mission – sailed to India; C.T. Studd to China and David Livingstone to Africa.  Europe became a centre for Christian Evangelical mission.  However, during more recent years Europe has become known as the ‘Dark Continent’ with a drop in Evangelical Christianity and the rise of secularism and materialism.  So, once again the call goes out from Europe: ‘come over and help us’. There is a desperate need to take the Gospel to a ‘dark continent’, and this generation has a responsibility to obey the call of God and make an impact in Europe.  One Mission Society has a growing ministry in Europe, working in a number of countries through evangelism, Church planting and training; there are many needs and it may be that you are willing to step out in faith and join the growing OMS team in Europe.  Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Romania and the UK, to name a few, are countries that need solid evangelical Bible based missions – can you help?

But how can I help?

This is often the question asked by UK based Christians and here are a few answers:

1. Get to know our OMS workers in Europe – check out our website and read about Daniel & Gail Castro in Spain or Eddie Delamillieure inBelgium or Stephen & Esther Williamson in the Republic of Ireland.

2. Pray for the work in these countries; for example in Hungary during the summer therewill be an English Camp aimed at teaching English through the Bible.  Pray that students will enrol and workers will be available to teach and counsel young people in the faith.

3. Join a summer team – perhaps evangelising in the Republic of Ireland or helping to maintain or repair the OMS camp in Spain.

4. How about a prayer team?  There are many opportunities to visit one of our missionary families and spend a few days praying with and for them and their ministry area.  We are involved in spiritual ministry and we all require spiritual enablement to complete the task.

5. Consider if God is calling you to full-time service with OMS.

This is just a sample of the ways that you can be a part of the greatest calling on earth – taking the Gospel to people who are in spiritual darkness.
Returning to Acts 16; Paul stepped out in faith and saw tremendous results: individuals converted, churches established and God glorified.  What if Paul had said No?  Don’t miss the opportunity to take the Gospel to the ‘dark continent’: Europe needs you!

For more information on opportunities to serve with One Mission Society visit our website or contact our UK Personnel Manager via our UK office.

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