Theological Education Team (TET) in Action

Knowing, growing and sharing: 2 Timothy 3:16-17
The Christian has a unique means of understanding more of their faith: the Bible – Gods revelation to humanity; in His book God sets out the plan of all human action, history, successes, failures and ultimately our path to His presence.  We sadly live in a world where His Word has become less important and is neglected by the majority of our fellow creation.  However, there are places where the Word of God is central and people are eager to know it more, grow in its grace and share it with others.  At OMS we are involved in the process of helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of, and applying the Word of God, to their particular context.  One major input we have is through theological education and training.

As a result OMS has established the Theological Education Team (TET) which is involved in providing theological education through a network of 34 Bible colleges and other informal training scenarios worldwide.  The team is led by Dr. Bill Vermillion and is committed to understanding the contextual setting of our fellow workers and assisting them in delivering biblically-based, evangelical teaching which will empower the local community to grow in Christ and share the Gospel with their neighbours. In September 2013 I was privileged to be invited to join TET as the official British representative. This is a role I look forward to fulfilling and combining with my Regional Directors role in S. Wales and the West.  If you are passionate about theological education, suitably qualified with either a post-graduate degree or substantial Christian ministry experience, we would love to hear from you.

As a faith mission the obligation to finance any overseas ministry trips falls upon the individual, but I speak from personal experience that if we step out in faith He is faithful to provide.  The result being that the impact you could make in the lives of trainee pastors, evangelists and church leaders is of eternal value.  Please consider supporting this ministry either by financial contribution, prayer, or going.

TET in Action
October 18 saw me board a plane at Heathrow heading for the OMS South Pacific region. The purpose of my visit was to teach a course on the MTh. programme at an OMS Bible College.  My subject was: ‘Issues in Evangelical Theology’ and the purpose of the course was to ascertain some of the extreme theological issues current in evangelicalism and assess them from a biblical perspective.  It was a challenging time due to the content of the course, the extreme heat, different culture and interesting food!  However what a wonderful experience to spend valuable time in the classroom with a small group of students committed to one thing; knowing more of the Gospel in order to enhance their ministry in both pastoral and evangelistic matters.  What a privilege to be able to open up the Scriptures and help others understand, apply the knowledge to their situation and also learn more personally about the scope of the Gospel.  In a country where Christianity is a minority religion and being a practising Christian can lead to many problems, the staff and students at the college must be commended for their commitment to the gospel despite the difficulties.  Pray for them, and others like them, to know the strength and provision of the Lord in their continued ministry.

Where next?
Haiti here I come.  On January 26 I will travel to Emmaus Bible Seminary in Cap Haitian, to teach on the degree programme.  Once again I will be entering a country with vast problems and spiritual issues – yet visiting a college dedicated to presenting the Gospel in its entirety to the nation.  My subject will be: ‘Missiology: Biblical Foundations’, This will be an opportunity to teach on the biblical mandate for mission and our role in the Mission of God in the world.  Please pray for this upcoming visit; logistics of getting to Haiti are not easy, costs, health, subject matter and relevance are all issues for which I would seek your prayerful support.

Bible colleges are not everyone’s passion but I see in them the opportunity to train the next generation of church leaders, and what the world needs is a church which is strong in the faith with leaders who are based ‘on the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself the chief cornerstone’ Eph.2:20.

Please join with me in this essential ministry!
Chris Palmer Regional Director S. Wales and S.West England

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