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Before camp I could believe in God, now I can trust in him” It is comments like this that really make camp, or indeed any mission team both short and long term, worthwhile.  There is nothing greater than seeing a soul come to know the Lord and deciding to follow him in their daily lives.
Before a student can get to this point those initial barriers between God and themselves must be broken down. Some of these barriers usually come in the form of unanswered questions which the students are eager to have answered before they make a decision to follow God. However, before they can get the answers they desire they need to build up a sense of trust with their teachers. One way in which this is carried out is by giving the students the opportunity to take part in a range of different activities, both indoor and outdoor, which encourages interaction between students and teachers. The activities also give them the chance to improve their language skills, which is one of the main goals of camp. As a direct result the students will then begin to open up, which is vital if we as teachers are to fulfil our ultimate goal which is to make the students think about the true meaning of life and to expose them to the reality of the Gospel.
To demonstrate the power of God’s saving grace at camp, I want to tell you the story of one student who came to camp this year. The above quotation is taken from an interview with her post camp. Similar to most of the students, Stasy came from a Ukrainian Orthodox family where God is primarily viewed as a mystical Being who is beyond human comprhension and any type of personal relationship. As Christians we know that it is sometimes hard to comprehend who God is, but we know that it is possible to have a personal relationship with Him. Throughout camp Stasy found it really hard to open up and trust others, let alone God. However, with the unique family atmosphere and the loving atmosphere that existed at camp, which we can only ascribe to God himself, by the end of the 10 days these barriers had been broken down and Stasy had opened her heart to others, and more importantly to God. The transformation was so evident in her life, and the desire to walk with God and to read His Word was so real.

This story is only one of many which demonstrate how God is clearly moving throughout this city of Kiev and country of Ukraine. It is because of stories like this that many of us keep returning to Ukraine and continue to serve God in our local context as we know that He has the power to change lives.  It is my desire that others might experience this feeling and want to serve him.
David Cathcart-Ukraine Team 2013

Ukraine Summer Camp 2013

In 2013, OMS sent teams out to Ukraine, Haiti, S.Pacific, Mexico, Spain and Republic of Ireland.  Individual and team opportunities are available to serve from 1 week to 1 year.

If you are interested in joining a team, or going on an individual placement in 2014 please contact –

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