Last weekend (20th- 22nd September) I flew across with Donald Coulter for the Welsh OMS conference on the Saturday. This year it was held in Caersalem Evangelical Free Church, near Swansea.

Doug & Debbie Atherton

This year’s speaker was Doug Atherton (OMS Minister at Large).

There were various missionaries taking part; including Daniel Castro (Spain), Joe & Sadie Law and Nancy Bell (Mission Possible), Donald Coulter (OMS-UK Executive Director) and myself.

The day was split into two sessions. Between the two meetings we were served a lovely tea. Although the numbers were small, we had a real sense of God’s presence and everyone had a great missions experience.

I would also like to congratulate Chris Palmer and Doug Atherton who both received recognition for 5 years of service to OMS.

On Sunday all the missionaries were speaking in different churches. I spoke in Crosskeys Pentecostal Church. It was lovely to renew fellowship with this congregation again.

“And the angel of the LORD called unto him…Here am I.” Genesis 22:11

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