New Friends

We have really enjoyed having 2 new families here with us having arrived from Costa Rica 2 weeks ago. One family is from the USA and have 4 kids ranging from 7 to 13 and the other family are from the UK and have 2 kids – a boy of 6 and a little girl (Susie) of 2 and half years (almost exactly the same as Anya). It has been really lovely seeing Anya and Susie playing together and loving each other’s company. They seem to communicate so well despite having so few words. In fact all the kids seem to get on really well and it has been great to see bonds being formed already between them.

Today we have found out that the UK family will be moving into a house in the same neighbourhood as us, so we’re really excited. The house isn’t quite ready however, so they will have to move into our house in the meantime, which will give us a chance to spend more time together. We are hoping the other family will be able to find a house close by too. We have spent the last 2 weeks looking around various houses in various neighbourhoods in the hope of finding the right house for each family. God is faithful and has now provided for one family, we rest assured that in the next few days He will provide for the other family.

There are a few options for what ministries the families will be involved in. Please pray for Steve as he works with both families to find the areas where their gifts and abilities will fit best. Steve has had a lot on his plate with taking on the new role of field director as well as helping the new families to settle in. And tomorrow we have a team arriving from Edinburgh to help with the work of MEFI, so it’s going to be getting even busier! Please pray for the 2 weeks the team will be with us, that they will be impacted by what they see and go back to the UK envisioned about the work.
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