A God who walks with us and unites us

For those of you who saw our Facebook post or read the MEFI blog you will have learnt of the sad death of little Gaby a few weeks ago. Gaby is pictured here with her Mum, Brenda (or Gloria as she is now known as) and her partner Poncho. The MEFI team helped Brenda and Gaby leave the street some years back and they actually feature on our video on the MEFI website www.mefi.co

This sadness was mixed with joy as we announced the news of baby number three with you via a special message from Nisha, Anya and their guinea pigs.

Sometimes the tragedies of life can cause you to walk through a valley of despair and to sometimes question the very essence of why you are doing what you are doing. However, we have found time and time again that God walks with us through those valleys. We don’t know how it feels to lose a child, but God does. This knowledge also helps us to reengage once again in ministry, reminding ourselves of the purpose of why we are here. The weekend Gaby died, I was preaching twice in Spanish, once at an 8am service and another at 12pm. If the two services were put together, I must have spoken to around 500 people. I had nothing in the tank, nothing to give, yet those sermons may well have been some of the most powerful sermons I’ve preached to this day, because I had to rely completely on God.

It is amazing what happens when we get out of the way and allow God to work through us. I had another one of those events recently when I took our national church president, Alfredo, and our national coordinator for our church planting efforts, Alexis, away for a couple of nights. We have a big summit coming up, where we will meet to discuss the work going on here with international leaders of OMS. Unfortunately we’ve not all been on the same page up to now regarding how we fulfill the vision God has given us for the work here. However during our time away, amongst times of laughing, eating and having fun together, a strong bond of unity was developed.

In the picture Alfredo in the middle, and Alexis on the right, you can see we were wet, muddy and sweaty! We had just been zip wiring through the jungle, which included one zip-wire almost a mile long called ‘the superman’! Whilst we had a ton of fun, it was also so important for us as national leaders to retreat, exercise together, and build the relationship between us which we know will be sure to come under fire in the future, and will influence how much God can do through us as a team.

Please pray for us at the end of this month, 28th -31st, as we go away once again for the summit. Sat around the table will be 10 leaders trying to hear God’s will for the work in Mexico and how to take it forward. Currently we have a goal of planting 2 million house churches by 2025. We are seeing God working in this kind of way in other parts of the OMS world and we know he wants to do something special in Mexico. So pray with us that the Lord will guide us during these days.

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