ECC update from Carand Romania

The T4T group started by Pastor Danny Ispas among the ethnic Romanian people of Carand is going well with 6 members regularly attending, including Danny and his wife, Sarah. Even more exciting, given all the upset caused by the sudden death of their pastoral worker, a flourishing T4T group has been established in the ethnic Roma church in the neighbouring village by Danny’s father, Pastor Daniel Ispas. So many people (regular average 10-12) are now coming that Danny has been drafted in to help.

The following story is a wonderful example of what trainers are always taught – and Christ expects of them – to “model” the behaviour we want our trainees to emulate! And it is a great example of the immediate results that can happen as a trainer is faithful in this.

Pastor Danny writes,
“During one of the T4T group meetings at the Roma church, the trainees were practicing their faith stories and I asked my dad [Daniel] to go and share with two men who were hanging around at the door watching what was going on. After my dad shared his faith story, one of the guys (Remus) said ‘You know pastor I would like to believe like you, but something holds me back and I don’t know what it is.’ So there and then my dad offered to pray for him. After the prayer, with tears in his eyes, he said ‘I want Jesus in my life!’ On Sunday 18th August he is getting baptised together with his wife. The picture shows Remus and his wife (centre), along with Remus’ brother, Emanuel.  He, and the lady on the left, were baptised the month before.
The photo below shows the second man (Manea).  His wife got baptized last month.  He is going to be baptized as well.

Manea with his wife and children

Praise God for His work in the hearts of these Roma people; this will be the third baptismal service in the last three months in the Roma church.”

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