To Haiti and Back (for a man called ‘Jacques’)

I was sitting in Crown Lane Fee Methodist church in Preston as on most Sunday mornings, and at the end of the service my heart was suddenly turned to a country called Haiti. Haiti was not mentioned in the service, neither was mission work as such, but a sudden interest in this unknown country filled my heart. I went home and shared this with my family, then left it there. Haiti was then on my mind for some time. I shared with people but nothing seemed to advance from there. Then the following week’s Christian literature that frequently comes to church contained articles on Haiti and I knew it was a call for me to go. I tried my best to close any doors that opened, excuses galore, but the Lord kept opening them. After going down several roads that seemed to lead nowhere I received the One Mission email, clicked on short term teams, and there was Haiti. I applied, and as they say the rest is history. Not sure why, not sure where, but I know it’s time to go.

Preparation was all complete and the journey began. I met up with the team in Northern Ireland, then off to Haiti via the United States. On arrival my first impression of Haiti was very hot and extremely chaotic, the level of poverty became very obvious, but also the natural beauty of what God had created was evident. Once we reached the OMS compound in Cap Haitian we met up with the team from America and it was clear that we had one call on our hearts and that was to share Christ with a needy people.

Preparing for evangelism and radio distribution

Our leaders out there were Storly & Kate and they set about unfolding the plan of action for our time there. Our first venture was part of the Resounding Hope campaign, basically distributing 4VEH radios whilst sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people. This is where I came across Jacques. I had shared with several others with the help of interpreters from the local church but this was different. Whilst sharing with a small group of 15 or so people, Jacques came and stood amongst us and when we had finished we continued to speak and he asked us into his house (shack). There he poured out his heart, we continued to share for a short while and he told us about his struggle with regard to his relationship with his wife. I looked at him and simply said, “Jacques the first relationship you need to sort out is that with your Creator”, then shared some of my testimony with him. Jacques just stared for a while, then the next thing I knew he was on his knees bowing before Christ and asking Him to be Lord of his life. He looked absolutely terrified but what a wonderful moment that was.

To see a man crumble and break under the power of the Gospel was incredible, this was a work of God. No man could bring another man to this point. We were simply tools of use for God. Empty vessels. He saw fit to use to bring another soul into the Kingdom.  All the Glory goes to Him.                     Martin B (Haiti Team 2013)

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. Romans 1:16

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