Mission Possible update

Project 1 – Hope House
Mission Possible is delighted to report that the renovations and extensions to Hope House residential home for abandoned Street Children in
Bogota, Colombia were completed by the end of January 2013, resulting in the total capacity being increased from 11 children at the beginning of 2012, to 20 children at present.

One child who has been rescued is 6 year old Steven (front left), who was brought into Hope House just after the renovations had been completed. His 22 year old Mum had become totally addicted to drugs and was unable to look after him. He did not attend school, but instead spent most of his time wandering the Street with very little food and he was in great danger. He says that it is a “miracle” that he can now sleep in a bed every night.

The New Dining Room

The home has now an additional two bedrooms with bunk beds, a bright new dining room, and new bathrooms with showers. The dining room, kitchen and laundry room have all been extensively renovated, with new modern equipment being installed. The technical room for homework and computer studies has also been extended. A new bedroom has been made to accommodate an additional carer to stay overnight to look after the children.

A teenager guarding all his wordly possessions

Entrance to a sewer - home to some Street Children

We thank God for his provision and for blessing the work of Mission Possible, thus enabling more children to be rescued from the horrors of living on the Streets.

Project 2 – Juan Rey

Typical living conditions in Juan Rey

God has provided Mission Possible with a very exciting and challenging project which will have an immense impact on the lives of Street Children in Colombia.

The Juan Rey district, which is the location for the above project, is a downtown area of Bogota where some 12,000 people live in extreme poverty, and where violence and abuse pervade many lives. Children born into this situation know little of a parent’s love, an education, or the basic things in life which we take for granted such as food and clothing. Many of the children are from one parent families and while the parent goes out during the day to fulfill evil desires, the children wander the streets alone. They do not attend school and they suffer many forms of abuse, with some being stolen by gangs and sold to the sex trade. Most of the inhabitants of this area previously lived in rural farms but had to flee and abandon all their possessions when forced to do so by armed terrorists.

Showing God’s love
We are currently funding a feeding programme in a rented building in this area where 65 children receive a nutritious meal every day and are educated in a local school. Most importantly they are shown much love and told about God and His amazing grace. Parents of these children are invited to a weekly meeting where they too are made aware of God’s love. Quite a few of these parents have already trusted the Lord since our funding commenced in January 2012.

The fields of Juan Rey are ripe for God’s harvest
We have recently purchased a site in Juan Rey where planning permission has already been granted to construct a multi-purpose building which will encompass a Church and feeding centre. During our visit in March 2013 we agreed plans for the construction of the new building, costing approximately £250,000, to begin in mid May 2013. It can be completed in either a ten or twenty month time period, depending on availability of funding (a ten month option will reduce the total cost by £30,000).

Some children do not know that God exists
The Centre will have a capacity of 300–400 people and will be used to reach out to show God’s love to those who are searching and yearning for peace and stability in their lives. It will be a God-centred haven which will provide both physical and spiritual food and ensure that children are loved, cared for and educated. It will bring hope and much love into lives which have known only hunger, crime, abuse, despair and abandonment. On the surface, they appear broken, fragile, insignificant and forgotten children. Look underneath and you will discover little hearts and minds yearning for love and ripe for God’s harvest.

Mission Possible is an independent registered Christian Charity supporting Street Children in Colombia.  They work in partnership with OMS.
Funds are raised primarily though sales in two charity shops in Portglenone and Strabane, Northern Ireland.

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