Bangor Worldwide Conference

AUGUST 23-31, 2013
Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church
Bangor, N.Ireland BT20 4LN

As I listen to OMS statistics each year I am amazed at the great things that God is doing in and through OMS. Many people are coming to the Lord, forming multiple new churches led by well-trained leaders who love Jesus. Disciples are indeed being made. However, with statistics we can often loose sight of the individual stories that make them up. At the end of the day our call from Christ is to people. As Jesus walked and interacted He gave himself to one to one interaction through which people came to know him and were transformed accordingly. OMS has abundant personal stories of transformed lives, families and communities. One of our joys, and responsibilities as Christians, is to share those stories. They testify to the love, grace and power of God. They demonstrate how God is taking OMS, working in and through us, for the extension of His Kingdom and the glory of His name. God is using people to share Himself and touch, change and transform the lives of others – to make disciples.

Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention is one of the largest annual missionary gatherings and conferences in the United Kingdom. OMS has been represented on various occasions. It is a wonderful platform to share those personal stories of transformed lives. These glorify God and communicate how OMS is being blessed and used by Jesus. As I attend this year, and represent OMS giving one of the keynote addresses, I would like to invite you to attend, and celebrate with the wider family of God, what He is doing. I will be sharing a direct story of life transformation from each one of our four main geographical areas of ministry, under the title “Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ”. The event will also be an opportunity to invite those searching God’s leading to prayerfully consider being part of God’s redemptive narrative through the story of OMS. Bishop Ken Clarke will lead the Bible study times each day, providing a learning opportunity for all attending. I look forward to seeing you and representing OMS and what God is doing through us together. Jonathan Morton (OMS Director of International Ministries)

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