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Dear friends, apologies for sending our blog out a week late, but as you’ll see for good reasons, which you’ll read below in our short note to you all:

There has been quite a of change in this past month! As most of you know, Proyecto MEFI is a ministry of One Mission Society (OMS) Mexico. OMS Mexico is also responsible for serving and supporting the national church that was founded by OMS in the early nineties, which now has almost 3,000 people meeting every Sunday in UNIFAM churches across Mexico. One of the key ministries here in Mexico is the Every Community for Christ (ECC) programme, which

focuses on planting churches. These are house churches and are led by ‘lay leaders’. The current goal in Mexico is to plant 2 million house churches across the whole of Mexico by 2025. If each house church averages 10 people, that’s 20 million members!

OMS also runs a Bible seminary where we train leaders and pastors, there are other smaller ministries such as reaching people with the gospel through teaching English,  and then finally there are social outreach projects going on, of which MEFI is one.

There are directors who lead each ministry. However, these are overseen by a national director or ‘field director’ of OMS. Sadly, our field director has been unable to live in Mexico City, where most of the ministries exist, due to chronic altitude sickness which was diagnosed over a year ago. He has therefore been trying to run the field from a distance.

The leadership of OMS have been aware this situation is not ideal and therefore have been praying for a number of months now about a solution. Helen and I were approached a few months ago and were asked to pray about whether we may be part of the solution.

We have to be honest that initially we were somewhat reluctant to help out with field leadership as it would mean I (Steve) would have less direct involvement with MEFI. However, after months of praying that God would reveal His will for us we were reminded by Him that MEFI isn’t our baby and that if God is asking us to release some of the responsibility we had in this ministry, then He will provide the right people to take up that responsibility in order for it to keep growing and developing.  One of the verses that has been influential in the past when Helen had to let go of some of her involvement in MEFI came from 1 Corinthians 3: 6-7 “I [Paul] planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” We believe that God is in charge of MEFI and that He has great plans for it, and all we want to do is be obedient to His leading.

So a couple of weeks ago I agreed to serve in the role of Field Director for Mexico. Jonathan Morton who serves OMS as the Director of International Ministries, responsible for Latin America and Europe. He asked me to include the following as we communicated this development in our lives and ministry:

“Mexico is ready right now to hear more about Jesus. It is a nation waiting to be transformed to the core by the power of the Holy Spirit. Within that task there are many inherent challenges. These challenges become opportunities and responsibilities when placed in God’s hands. leadership is of course one of the key factors in this task before us. I am excited and expectant about Steve and Helen’s appointment to field leadership responsibilities. Steve will be responsible for communicating vision to staff and ministries of OMS throughout Mexico. With his leadership gifts, clear call and teachable spirit I am confident that God will work in and through him to increase fruitfulness dramatically. On behalf of One Mission Society’s international leadership I want to thank you for your invaluable support and prayer for the Cosslett family. With Steve moving into this senior level leadership role this partnership becomes even more vital and the potential impact for the Kingdom of Jesus grows exponentially. Thank you. Please pray that Steve and Helen will be given wisdom, strength and peace as they seek the Lord’s face and implement His will in and through His church. We will rejoice together as partners with the coming fruit of many transformed lives.”

During my prayer times I have been challenged to trust God to provide for MEFI – (one of our concerns has been that finances are short). One day, after praying that God would provide, a supporter from the USA got in touch and said he and his wife would like to start supporting MEFI $500 per month – this was a huge answer to prayer and a real encouragement to us to keep trusting Him for His provision.

However, by no means will my involvement with MEFI cease, I will just have less direct responsibility. Helen will continue in her role, coordinating prayer, discipling street girls and giving some pastoral care to the team.

I will still be ultimately responsible for MEFI, for it’s direction and for the big decisions, but in reality, I will be leading through a Mexican director. This was always the aim, and we have seen that one of the workers – Carmen – has the gifting and abilities to be able to direct the ministry under supervision. She will be given parameters and goals that I will set and will then have the authority under my supervision to go and execute the strategy needed to reach those goals.

This is a big step for us and certainly not a role we have taken on lightly or hurriedly. It is a decision that we have made in prayer and consultation with trusted wise friends and colleagues, and we know that we will need your prayers even more than before as we take on this new challenge.

Please pray for the transition that we are going to go through and that those we work with and minister to here will be going through too and for humility and wisdom as we make decisions that have life changing effect.

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