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On Wednesday 15th May, Warren & Velma had requested to go and visit Alfie & Maud Kells. It was lovely to spend a few hours chatting with them and Warren and Velma reminiscing over old times and getting an update on the Kells and Hardig families.

L-R) Alfie & Maud Kells, Velma & Warren Hardig

In the evening both Warren & Velma had the opportunity to share in our church mid-week. Warren brought the vision & work of Men for Missions from around the world. Velma encouraged the women to sacrifice their husbands to allow them to go on to the mission field to serve.

Thursday night was the MFM Craigavon Council meeting. The meeting was opened up to the women, so that they could share time with both Warren & Velma. A good number of men and their wives attended and it was a very encouraging night.

We were up early on Friday morning (5am to be precise!!!) We travelled to Larne to catch the 7:15 boat ride to Troon, Scotland. It was a smooth sailing and all was on time. On the other side, we had an hour and a half car journey to Kilsyth, where the OMS conference was being held. It was good to spend time with Bill & Lillias Anderson.

On Saturday 18th the OMS conference started at 10am. A good number of people attended, which was encouraging. There were missionary reports from the South Pacific, Mexico, Mozambique, Columbia, Men for Missions and Donald Coulter closed the evening. Doug Atherton brought our thoughts around the Word during the morning and afternoon.

Doug Atherton - OMS Minister at Large

Warren Hardig - MFM

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