The Submissiveness of a yielded will

Matthew 26:39 “…… O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”  Mark 14:36; Luke 22:43

Jesus was always submissively yielded to his father. Right through his earthly ministry he constantly referred to the fact that he was sent by His Father to do the Father’s will. Here in the shadow of Calvary he senses that same commitment. In the councils of heaven Jesus had undertaken to be the Redeemer and the plan He undertook then in the tranquillity of heaven He will see through to the end and that demanded the submissiveness of a yielded will.

Robert Murray McCheyne was so committed to a life of submission to his Father’s will that he could say, “It has always been my ambition to have no plans as regards myself.”

Submission is not a prominent characteristic of 21st century society and, sadly, that could also be said about the 21st century church and her members. Submissiveness is not weakness but strength. We need to learn that Jesus will not be real to any person  who is unwilling to bow to Him in glad submission. Many have found that joyful submission to the will of God has been a glorious and exciting experience. We need to be constantly captive to the will of God.

George Matheson was, no doubt, thinking of submissiveness to God’s will when he wrote:

Make me a captive, Lord and then I shall be free;
Force me to render up my sword and I will conqueror be.

Matheson concludes this great hymn with a real challenge:

My will is not my own till Thou hast made it Thine;
If it would reach a monarch’s throne it must its crown resign.
It only stands unbent, amid the clashing strife,
When on Thy bosom it has leant and found in Thee its life.

May God so possesses our wills that we will never refuse a particle of His will which is “good, acceptable and perfect”.

Reflection- “There are no disappointments to those whose wills are buried in the will of God.”  Frederick W. Faber

(The above is a recent article by Rev Tom Shaw –
OMS Council of Reference)

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