Here to stay in Hungary

Back in 1989, Hungary was a part of the movement that helped set in motion a series of dominoes that ultimately led to the fall of the Iron Curtain. That was when Hungary first opened its border to the West. It allowed visitors from East Germany to cross over and visit friends and relatives in Austria and West Germany. Once this was done, East Germany had to open its own border. Thousands of people began to stream into the West.
Soon, Communist governments throughout the Soviet block began to crumble, and the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain came down. In 1990, Hungary held its first free elections. In 1997, it became a member of NATO. On May 1, 2004, it joined the European Union.
Much has changed since Hungary first opened it border to the West. And the country continues to change at a rapid pace. For one thing, Hungary is going through a cultural revolution as a new generation grows up with no memory of what it was like to live under a Communist dictatorship. These young people have very different expectations and a very different way of looking at the world than do their parents and grandparents. So, where is Hungary now? Where has it come over the last 25 years? And where is it going?
OMS has been in Hungary since August 1992. In 1994, we began our summer English camp program in cooperation with the Hungarian military. For many years, we worked alongside the military, teaching English to students in secondary schools. God did amazing things through this ministry, and great fruit was born from these labors. Most of our young Hungarian leadership of today came to know the Lord through our camp and English ministries. Eventually, when Hungary joined NATO, it closed all of its secondary schools. Nevertheless, our English-based ministries have continued and have gone in several new directions. This has led to new needs, including a “home” of our own — a ministry centre.
A dedicated ministry centre would not only give our team a valuable home for its English clubs, youth ministry, and other developing ministries, it would make an important statement to the people of Hungary, especially to the younger generation. Such a centre would tell the people of Hungary that we are here to stay, and that we are not another fly-by-night organization that has come to take what we want and then leave. Stability, accountability, and commitment are all very important to the Hungarian people. These things provide the foundation for trust and cooperation.
Our team now has the opportunity to establish its own ministry centre. We purchased a run-down building that once served as an artist’s studio. It is in a wonderful location, just a stone’s throw from several major public transportation lines. And it offers a wide range of possible uses. But it is in great need of a complete renovation. Would you consider helping us bring this project to fruition?

By Will Dickerson, Former OMS Hungary Field Leader

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Update from Pam in Haiti

I have been in Haiti since September, teaching various courses at the Seminary, and have now started my last month, teaching two two-week intensive courses, which I usually do each year.   The present one is Systematic Theology, and the final one will be on the Last Things.  I have a house to myself, and have been doing much of my own cooking, including baking bread (with varying success), so it has been more of a challenge than in previous years, but I have enjoyed the time very much.
After a few health problems at first, I have kept well, although I am having pain in my leg.  I had a knee replacement last year, and I think my hip will need surgery as well.  I would appreciate prayer for that, please, as well as for time and strength to keep up with the work, which is quite time-consuming.  I am also helping to improve the library.

A few students did poorly in two of my earlier courses, and they will do a re-sit test soon, so please pray that they will reach a pass standard this time.  Some of the first year class were especially weak, not knowing even basic facts about the New Testament.  This made me realise again how much our training is needed, since they have been taught so little in their churches.  My present class (second year) seem to know a lot more, and they ask some thoughtful and challenging questions.  Please also pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to enable me not just to teach facts, but also to be His channel to challenge and encourage. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers.
Pam Simpson

For more information about 2-4 week teaching opportunities in over 30 theological seminaries worldwide contact

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Moscow Seminary – Matryoshka

Sasha Tsutserov (Director, Moscow Seminary) writes,
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at One Mission Society UK,
Being a Russian I thought I knew everything about Matryoshka, the Russian nesting doll!  Little did I know  … students at the Moscow Seminary readily explained to me that Matryoshka:-
•    Symbolized that “in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others,”
•    Stood for “the inner, local and global church built upon each other,”
•    Represented a “graduate of the Seminary ‘pregnant’ with disciples of Christ.”

Some clever guys even protested, “Why is she a girl?  The boys-to-girls ratio at the Seminary is 5/1 !”

Beats me  … I only meant to say that your investment in the Moscow Seminary produces a whole lot more than Matryoshka does, as we train 220 ministers on your support!

To multiply the effort in reaching Russia with the Gospel (at better than Matryoshka rate):- your support is most welcome.

To donate to the students at the Moscow Seminary, please make cheques payable to `OMS’ and send to the Manchester office, quoting ‘301710 Moscow Seminary’. Donations can also be made online at

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Snail mail to Email

Thank you for all your support and generosity towards our work. As a Charity, we want to be responsive to change and to grasp every assistance God places in our path. One of these that we are actively seizing, is a change in the way we distribute our material. We want to be not only responsive, but responsible to God for His provision, care and kindness. Our aim is to try and move more of our communications to electronic means, rather than paper, to help the environment and our finances, and importantly to get the Gospel and our message to more people, more quickly.

Each email contains the `at’ sign, @. If you can imagine this is like a postage stamp, because each email that we send out saves the Mission at least 50 pence. It means that we can get information, questions, and the Gospel out virtually immediately rather than through the postal system. In turn, the information can be shared more easily by forwarding to friends and family.

You may already have contacted us, but especially this Christmas consider the `at’ sign @ as a special gift to OMS and let us know if you can, and would, prefer to receive our prayer letters/literature by email rather than by post. This gift will particularly benefit our missionaries and our work for the Kingdom.

Thank you for your assistance and participation, and may you all have a blessed, peaceful and Spirit-filled time @ Christmas.

To change from snail mail to email please contact or

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An Example for the Believers

Sitting around a dining room table with cups of tea, walking along the Dnieper River, or going on a retreat at a camp outside Kiev, young Ukrainian believers are learning to minister to one another as they grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Each week, they meet together in homes for Life Groups to encourage one another in Christ. They take turns sharing responsibilities, preparing ice breakers, leading Bible studies, selecting songs, and praying for one another.

Everyone has busy schedules with either university studies or full time jobs. Finding ways to equip these young believers with knowledge and skills for ministry is a creative adventure in theological education, working in partnership with the OMS missionary team in Ukraine. Just as the Ukrainian believers follow the early church model of house churches, we are following the example of Paul’s methods for leadership training and discipleship. Paul wrote letters to teach and to encourage the new believers. We are also writing. Rather than letters, we are developing a series of lessons that give biblical answers to questions such as: “What will happen at the end of time?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What is worship?” “What is sin?”

Paul travelled and made personal visits to encourage new believers. In October, I had the privilege of making my third trip to Ukraine to share in a weekend retreat. I was asked to teach about developing our friendship with God through the practice of spiritual disciplines and to lead a discussion on what it means to be community in Christ. Each time I return, there is a deepening bond of trust. We discuss joys, questions, and concerns over cups of tea. This is the life-on-life model of theological education that Jesus modeled with his disciples.

These young believers represent the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives through their personal testimonies and outreach to others. They represent the hope of things to come as the Kingdom of God extends across Ukraine. As Paul encouraged Timothy, let’s pray that they will receive and live out these same words of encouragement: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (I Timothy 4:12, NIV).
By Colleen Fitch, OMS Theological Education Consultant for Europe

If you would like more info on Theological Education and 2-4 week teaching opportunities around the world contact Chris Palmer (OMS UK Theological Co-ordinator) or

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February 26th-28th
Glenada Conference Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down BT33 0EX

Trevor Matthews

You are invited to join with us at our OMS Northern Ireland Conference 2016, for a weekend of ministry, missionary reports, worship, prayer and fellowship.  Alongside reports from our missionaries serving in various countries throughout the world, we are looking forward to the ministry of Trevor Matthews (Faith Mission).
Come along and be informed, challenged and changed in the area of mission God has called you to, as you hear updates from our missionary family and the ministry of God’s Word.
It is my desire as we leave the conference, that we will do so challenged to fulfil the vision of One Mission Society “To Give Everyone One Opportunity to Hear, Understand and Embrace the Gospel” through Prayer, Giving or Going.

Donald Coulter (Northern Ireland Regional Director)
For a booking form, please contact <>

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Young Adults Weekend

Rev Scott Moore

The annual OMS Young Adults Weekend took place on 16th-17th October in Portadown. Our eyes were opened and our hearts warmed as we travelled around the world listening to the various mission reports. We were both challenged and encouraged as we listened to these reports and the excellent Bible teaching from our guest speaker, Rev Scott Moore, Minister of Stranocum Presbyterian Church.
Reports ranged from short-term mission trips, to others with a vision for long-term overseas mission. We began by hearing about the many opportunities to share the gospel through English camps in Hungary (Lorna Morrison) and similarly in South Korea (Scott Egerton). A personal testimony from a Hungary camp team member (Clare Cleland from Scotland) powerfully reminded us that God uses weakness to display His mighty strength!
It was good hear from Danielle Flood-Coleman, from N.Ireland, as she shared her experiences as a primary school teacher at an international mission school for the past two years in the South Pacific.

Danielle Flood-Coleman

She highlighted the important role teachers have to play on the mission field, educating the children and therefore facilitating their parents to be involved in other ministries.
Two trips to Haiti this year showed us how God uses all types of skills in His service.

Daniel Treherne from Wales shared about his experiences serving God in Haiti using his skills as a civil engineer, and his hopes to return again in the future.

Daniel & Sharon Treherne

Bill & Julie Edler shared their vision for longer term service in Haiti. Bill shared the vision for his role at the Bible seminary and Julie shared how she hopes to be involved at the Bethesda Medical Clinic using her skills as a physiotherapist. Bill, Julie, and little Sam hope to head out to Haiti in June 2016 after the new addition to their family is born in January.
Michelle Heffer, from Southampton, completed our truly ‘United Kingdom’ weekend as she joined us to share her vision for future service with OMS in Mozambique. Michelle hopes to use her skills in paediatric nursing and health visiting to work alongside the Helping Hands project to develop health promotion and post-natal care.
Donald Coulter wrapped up the weekend, reminding us of the mission field on our doorstep and the great need of the gospel across Ireland. He shared about the SOW (Saturate Our Wards) project and emphasised the need that prayer is what counts.  For a leaflet about SOW, or for more information please contact

With so many stories buzzing around our heads, we can’t help being excited about the potential for God’s Kingdom and glory as He calls us to step out in faith to serve wherever He calls us. Plenty of opportunities are available and short term mission teams are already being organised for 2016 (see website for details). The Young Adults Weekend was a blessing to be part of, as we not only listened to reports and Bible teaching, but spent time together, sharing stories and getting to know one another. We were encouraged when we heard how God is working in individual lives all around the world, and we were reminded that none of this is accomplished except through the power of prayer.
Thanks to Herbie & Moira Dunn for doing an excellent job with the catering.
Heather Phillips

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21st January – 14th February, 2016

Would you like a life changing experience?
Are you willing to let God use you to bless others?
Prayerfully consider being part of our team journeying to Russia in Winter.
Men for Missions, the laymen’s voice of One Mission Society, need a combination of specific trades-people and those with building experience.

Click here for full details…

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Our Vision: One Opportunity

Bob Fetherlin - OMS President

Since coming to One Mission Society more than a year ago, it has been a joy to begin to get to know our OMS family! In this process, Esther and I have been given many books—inspiring biographies of OMS missionaries and their thrilling stories. Through reading several of these and meeting many dynamic people, we look back with gratitude and rejoice in what God has done in the past through OMS.
With deep appreciation for OMS’ spiritual heritage and history, God is now birthing a compelling vision for the future. Two verses on the walls of my office confront me every day.  They are Mark 16:15 and Acts 4:12. The vision for giving at least one opportunity for every person to hear the Good News flows out of the truth of God’s Word. There is NO other name in heaven or earth to proclaim, and we must preach the Good News to ALL creation.
Rooted in Scripture and building on the foundation that previous generations sacrificially laid, this vision reflects OMS’ core mission and values. It all starts with God and what He has done through Christ.

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing” (Revelation 5:12).
Jesus is that Lamb who shed his blood for our redemption. Now, He awaits the fulfillment of His mission: the making of disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything He has commanded.
We are a people of One Lord, One Life, and One Calling. Our One Lord is Jesus. Our One Life is in Him, worshiping and obeying Him, becoming like Him as we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work. Our One Calling is to Him, to be fully His, to live for His glory, and to carry out His mission.
We begin with God and the redemption He has graciously provided through the Lamb who was slain. Out of His heart, we are compelled by the love of Christ, and our love for Him and those who are far from Him, to carry out His mission. That mission is to give to every person at least one opportunity to hear, understand, and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Usually, this involves more than one exposure to this Good News and even calls for Spirit-directed persuasion (2 Corinthians 5:11). After repentance and faith, we are then intentional about discipleship in multiplying communities of Christ-centered faith.
This is who we are. This is why we live. To this One Lord, One Life, and One Calling we are relentlessly faithful, energized by God’s Spirit, to give every person at least one opportunity to hear.
To carry out this vision, OMS will:
•    Focus on evangelism, disciple-making, leadership training, and church planting – This was the passion of OMS co-founders Charles and Lettie Cowman and reflects OMS’ calling well. It remains at the forefront of our vision for the future.
•    Affirm the enormous, strategic role of laypeople – Making up more than 99 percent of the church, the laity can often access people out of the reach of clergy missionaries, even in places “closed” to the Gospel.
•    Develop missionary-sending churches around the world to join as partners – Every true New Testament church has cross-cultural mission as a part of its DNA. Many churches OMS helped found in the last century are now sending their own missionaries, who have become a part of God’s global missionary force. Some of them can go places we can’t.
•    Grow in internationalization, leading to synergy in carrying out Christ’s mission – God has raised up new instruments to be a part of his global mission orchestra. We must welcome them and learn to play in harmony, making music together that honors him and draws people to Christ. This calls for intentional collaboration among international partners.
•    Unite word and deed inextricably just as Jesus did –Demonstrating the love of Christ through compassionate acts with our verbal declaration of the Gospel is compelling. When the church ministers as the hands and feet of Jesus in the local community, it raises its profile in that community, thus opening doors to give people the opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel.
“To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!” (Revelation 5:13)
While we have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel over and over again, many around the world are still in darkness, needing ONE OPPORTUNITY to hear. Could it be that over the next 10 years, God could use OMS, working with many other partners, to give ONE BILLION people this ONE OPPORTUNITY? This is a God-sized vision that is completely disproportionate to who we are, yet it reflects a passionate longing of His heart!
May God use the courageous, Christ-loving men and women of OMS, along with many partners, to help millions of them not only hear . . . but also repent and believe!

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Pam Simpson in Haiti

Pam Simpson has been going to the Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Cap Haitien in Haiti for several years now to teach two-week courses.  She writes,

“In February this year, I was asked if I could come to Cap Haitien to teach at the Seminary for the whole Autumn semester.  I had been wanting to come for longer, and felt that this was what the Lord wanted, so I readily agreed.  I arrived here on 10th September, and spent the next two days mainly in bed, as the cold that I already had turned much worse.  However, I am fine now, except that my ears are still partly blocked, so I would appreciate prayer please as it is difficult to hear the students.  I am teaching Church History, NT Introduction, and NT Eschatology and Revelation.  The NT Introduction is a course I have not taught before, and I still need to do some preparation on that.  So far I have taught two classes, and I also hope to have time to continue to improve the library, which needs a lot more study books in French.  This is one aspect of what needs to be done for the Seminary to become accredited by the local Association of Theological Colleges.  There are talks going on about this accreditation at the moment – another matter for prayer please?

The students are great, mostly men, but a slowly increasing number of women. Many of them have difficulty in paying for their courses, but they love the Lord, and generally work hard and seek to make a difference in this country with multiple needs: great poverty, low employment, much corruption and government inefficiency, besides, of course, the widespread influence of Voodoo.  I would appreciate your prayers as I try to make a small contribution towards helping them to do this.

I expect to be here until mid-February, living in a house on my own, with occasional visitors, and enjoying the adventure of baking bread, pasteurising milk, and learning how to deal with the local foods.”

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